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Why Us?

​Enjoy Shopping With Us

Our company is run by a Japanese husband and his Hong Kong wife.

We started this service in 2013 because Japanese products were very popular in Hong Kong, but they were also very expensive.

Also, products that were not popular in Japan were advertised as being popular.

Therefore, we started a service to sell excellent Japanese products directly to Hong Kong people at low prices.

Eight years have passed since we started the service. Now we are delivering many products to customers all over the world.

We are an officially registered company with the Japanese government.

Please enjoy shopping with us with peace of mind.


Easy to understand fees

Why Us?

All fees are listed.

​We accept  PayPal Only.

Rich in product knowledge

Why Us?

Through 8 years of experience, I can answer any questions you may have about Japanese products.

Our Service

1. Proxy Purchase Service

We will purchase products from the online store on your behalf and send them to your designated address.

(Product price + shipping cost in Japan (if necessary)

+ *payment fee (in case of bank transfer)+ 40YEN) x 1.08


②Domestic Shipping
③Back Transfer Fee
④PayPal Fee and Our Fees

*In most cases, no payment fees are required.

*40YEN, 0.08 is PayPal fee and purchase fee.

We will hold the package for 30 days after it arrives at our warehouse, and then we can ship it together.


Inspection is free of charge. The inspection includes quantity, color, size, and major damage.

Small scratches and electrical appliances will not be checked.

2.Proxy Payment Service

We will pay for your order on your behalf.

(price + payment fee (for bank transfer) + 350YEN) 1.17

350YEN, 0.17 is PayPal fee and payment fee.


②Bank Transfer Fee
③Our Fees

If you would like to use the proxy payment service, please submit the following information.

  • For Pay-easy

Three sets of numbers


Please do not enter hyphens or spaces.


  • For bank transfer

Bank Name

Branch Name

Ordinary or current account

Account number

Account name

Payee (full-width alphabet, full-width numbers only)


  • For convenience store payment

Please provide all the information necessary for payment.


In the proxy payment service, we pay on your behalf, but we do not give you any advice on how to pay.

If you really need help with payment, we can help you for 2,000 yen.

Once we have paid on your behalf, no refunds will be made.

3.Auction agent and flea market buying service

We will bid on your behalf on auction sites or purchase items on your behalf and send them to your designated address.

(product price + shipping cost in Japan (if necessary) + payment fee (in case of bank transfer) + 40 yen) × 1.08

If the winning bid price or the price of the item is less than 3,000 yen, a purchase fee of 200 yen will be added.

Example Less Than 3,000 yen

②Domestic Shipping
③Our Fees

Example Over 3,000 yen

③Our Fees
②Domestic Shipping

In the case of auctions and flea market purchases on behalf of clients, we do not check that the correct items have been received or that there is no damage.

If the item needs to be inspected, an additional fee of 200 yen per item will be charged.


If you fail to win an auction, please use the money you have already paid for the next auction or purchase.


No refunds will be given.

About Shipping

Only methods with tracking are available for shipping.


  • Less than 2kg



are available.

  • Over 2kg




are available.


Please refer to the following website for shipping costs.

Japan Post

※Choose "Chiba" and Your Country.

Please select Chiba as the shipping location.

Add 40 yen to the amount shown and multiply by 1.08 to get the invoiced shipping cost.


About shipping problems

If your package does not arrive at your specified address after more than two weeks for EMS and airmail, or more than three months for sea mail, please contact us.

However, if the tracking results show that the package has already arrived in your country, please contact your local post office.


About Insurance

If you wish to take out insurance, please contact us in advance.

Find what you want to buy

You do not need to use Japanese to enjoy shopping.

If you can't find a product, please provide us with a picture or information about the product.

We will find the product for you.

All fees must be paid via PayPal.

1. Proxy Purchase Service
2.Proxy Payment Service
3.Auction agent and flea market
Find what you want to buy
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